Previous Political Projects
  • Victor Morales Campaign - Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, District 5 (1996)
  • Committee to Boot Newt and the Gang of 73 - Opposed the 1996 re-election of certain Republican representatives (1996)
  • All Other Projects
    Works In Progress
  • - Venture capital investment site for start-up and Phase I investment needs.
  • - Internet development services oriented company.
  • - Buchanan geneology and lineage information
  • Deer Wood
    Premanufactured home community located in Southwest Austin, Texas. Look up at the evening stars and enjoy the quiet sounds of the country, while you and your family make friends with your new neighbors.  Deerwood's Activity Center offers something for every member of the family, from the toddler's playground to the Fitness Center and pool side for summer relaxation.
    Capital Commercial Ventures - RVBarn
    RV and boat storage facility with state of the art open and covered storage.
    Capital Commercial Investments, Inc.
    CCI is a real estate investment and consulting firm based in Austin, Texas , specializes in locating and purchasing commercial investment properties throughout the state of Texas. CCI endeavors to make high quality commercial real estate investments available to individual investors who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in ownership of larger commercial properties. 
    MC&E, Inc.
    Marbcare produces marble care products which prevent stripping the marble floor to maintian the appearance. This process for Marble floor restoration and maintenance can ad years to the life of marble floors.
    Secondary market for selling and auctioning both public and private limited is an internet-based trading exchange specializing in limited partnership shares. Founded in Austin, Texas, intends to provide the owners of real estate, oil & gas, and venture capital limited partnership shares a place on the Internet to buy and sell these formerly illiquid securities.  Our mission is to establish a liquid marketplace for the millions of limited partnership shares that are in existence today. hip shares.

    Cummings~Baccus Interests
    Cummings-Baccus acquires commercial real estate properties, including office, retail, industrial, and raw land located throughout the U.S.  Cummings-Baccus offers an entrepreneurial approach with the ability to move quickly and creatively towards identifying and consumating ivestment opportunities.
    Fitz's Bottling Company
    Fitzís Bottling Company is a unique restaurant and gathering place that is passionate about serving great food with unique eclectic American Fare, in an atmosphere that embraces and celebrates the early 1900ís era of American ingenuity and optimism.
    Karam Company
    Based in El Paso, TX, with offices in Austin the Karam Company specializes in providing real estate solutions for troubled properties.
    Diamondback Stone
    Diamondback Stone is located in limestone rich central Texas near Austin distributes limestone for residential, commercial, and miscellaneous projects.
    Real Property Services
    RPS/Real Property Services, Inc. was conceived in 1984. The concept is a simple one. Provide a property owner with a trusted source for various real estate services, and they will remember RPS when they need additional services.
    Demi Epicurious
    Http:// or Http://
    Demi Epicurious is a new restaurant in downtown Austin.  Satisfy your appetite for adventure with the new American culinary explostion in its melting pot of delicious influences.  The JRO Restaurant Group, recently purchased the restaurant at 311 W. 6th Street, formerly Sardine Rouge and Sfuzzi's and intends to open in mid to late May 2002.
    I helped design and layout the investment offering section for investors to invest in this new restaurant in downtown Austin.
    Silverstone Real Estate
    Silverstone Real Estate is a real estate brokerage company based in Austin, Texas.  We specialize in solving your needs with aquisitions, leasing, or investments of commercial real estate, both for land or improved properties with buildings. 
    Main Street Properties
    Main Street Properties is a full-service Real Estate firm established in 1988. Main Street Properties has been involved in the Management, Sales, Leasing of Commercial Properties in excess of several million square feet over this period of time.
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