Hmmm a party sounds good....
 Computer Wall - testing the cam
Hidden Cam
worth her weight in 10 teddy bears?
Never ask 
the camera man 
to not 
take pictures
that just entices 
the subject
Magic Doritoes
Mmmmm... McDonalds
the munchies
where is that secret sauce?
this can never leaves my side
Beer Advertisement
I support Purple Passions
fruit punch + techquila = Smile
What # is this?
I'm innocent i swear
Dazed & Confused
Tongue caught in action
Profile of the connect 4 queen
Connect4 runner-up
the happy couple
Why one shouldn't forget their camera 
Mystery roommate
Salam Alaikum
ahhh my slave has arrived
Why shieks are #1
I work for the frog
mysterious man posseses couch
how to get a 'A' for the semester
Who's always asleep on the job
Rooftop Singing Elvis - I swear there was a elmo dancing on the roof
4 ****'s
3 ***'s
2 **'s
1 *