Pac-man, or Packy, is the reluctant hero of the show. He is a family man with his wife (Ms. Pac-man) and child (Pac Baby), who just seems to fall into incidents were he must save Pac-land from Mezmoron and his ghostes minions (Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Sue). The ghost want to "chomp" Pac-man, but if Pac-man eats a power pellot, it's all over for the ghostes, cause Pac-man can now chomp them. Pac-man's occupation is Sucurity Guard of the Power Pellot Forest.
     Ms. Pac-man, or Pepper, is Pac-man's wife. She's a very liberated take charge kind of woman, and Pac-man is actually scared of pissing her off.
     Baby Pac; is Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man's child. Baby Pac-man's speech is 50% laughing and gibberish. Baby Pac also has one killer appetite, and I think there was an episode where Baby Pac ate Ms. Pac-man's Flowers from her flower bed.
     Chomp Chomp; is Pac-man all so trustworthy dog. Chomp Chomp has a weird scratchy voice previded by the world's best voice actor Frank Weilker who happens to be in almost every catoon known to man.
Sour Puss; is Pac-man's pet cat, who is very sly and sneaky and fights with Chomp Chomp a lot.
Clyde; is the leader of Mezmaron's ghost minions,having a bronx accent, Clyde is pretty much the brains of the outfit (in the loosest sense of the words).
Inky; is the moron of the group and the cause of a lot of the humor by his stupid remarks he makes. Inky also posesses the weird ability to pull virtually anything out of his pockets.
Blinky; is a bit of a scaredy cat, and very paranoid and nervous, but the coolest ghost in my opinion (his hat kicks ass). Note: In the video game Blinky was the leader and Clyde was the group moron (kind of like Inky here).
Pinky; Not to be mistaken for Brain's assistant, Pinky is pretty much the "tough guy" ghost. He has a deep voice and the basic tough guy additude.
Sue; is the sarcastic ghost as well as the only female, she usually makes fun of the other ghostes when they screw up.
Mezmaron; is an evil mad scientist who wants to steal the power pellots for his own evil needs and is in charge of the ghost.